hello yes im a bum and need money really bad 

so im gunna advertise here that im open for commissions!

(help would really be appreciated! sent me a fanmail if interested!)

have some examples:

kiv commission

blaze-lupine commission #6


i lost 3 followers and then gained 2 back

mixed reactions on my return i see

askgargle asked:
((*Creepy cult voice* Our leader has returned))

praise to be…shit…i forgot my own name

fuck it

im back BABY

plasmamod asked:
Well then, I guess that's that. But no worries. If it's no longer something that bears fruit for you, then it's best to chop that tree and replace it with something that will. I hope you'll continue drawing, though, and have plenty of new experiences and grow newer, fresh fruits of joy. n_n; (pardon me for all the metaphors)

I love metaphors so no worries haha.

Thanks Plasma <3


I’ve been running my blog ask-whatsherface for quite a while now, and now that the story is developing I’m afraid I’ll disappoint my readers. Writing doesn’t come easily to me and I’m not sure who I could ask for help with it. I just hope they’ll understand that I’m still a learning artist/writer. &lt;:)
- Submitted by sud-sy

Come on, lets go and play&#8230;
((Happy holidays from the Face family.))

((gosh my followers are so supportive and nice <333 thank you!!))